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Photo Albums

Photo Albums

Chanukah on Deerfield Beach.
Public Menorah Lighting.
Distribution of free Latkes, Doughnuts and Driedels. Live music and dancing.
Pompano Beach Menorah Lighting.
It was held at Pompano Citi Centre. There was free doughnuts, Latkes, Driedels, Chanukah chocolate coins.
Music and dancing only enhanced the holiday atmosphere. The Grand Menorah was light by Mayor Lamar Fisher!
Purim was celebrated at the Howard Johnson Ocean Resort! Thank you to the Shendell Family for sponsoring this amazing event!
Passover - the holiday of freedom! Took place at the Howard Johnson Ocean Resort in Deerfield Beach.
All the Teens of Lighthouse Point joined together (with some moms and dads) to bake cheesecakes in honor of Shavuot. Rabbi Dechter distributed these cakes to the sick and needy! And of course we got to take some home too! They were delicious!
Our first ever Mezuzah and Sushi Party!

An expert Scribe presented us with a workshop on the makings of Torah, Tefillin and Mezuzos! We all saw and touched different parchment papers and leathers in the making. We gazed in awe at Tefillin and Torahs in the raw!

And of course we all enjoyed the beautiful buffet! Sushi, wines, cheeses, salads, pastas and desserts! Everything home made and absolutely delicious!

Thank you to Natasha, from "The Gold Shop" and Mr. Andi Feinberg for helping sponsor this wonderful event!